Crestron TSW-750-TTK

TableTop Kit for TSW-750 & TSW-752

 A stylish, versatile tabletop enclosure for a TSW-750 or TSW-752 Touch Screen.


The TSW-750-TTK provides a stylish and convenient tabletop enclosure for a TSW-750 ro TSW-752 Touch Screen. The touch screen is angled when installed in the enclosure. The complete assembly may be placed on any flat, level surface.
An optional swivel mount accessory (TSW-550/750/1050-SMK) is available separately, providing a means for permanently mounting the enclosure while retaining the ability to rotate it for optimal positioning. The swivel range can be customized using optional limit screws, with a maximum of 330-degree rotation allowed. The swivel mount may be installed on any flat table, desk, or counter top surface with a thickness of 1 inch (25 mm) minimum to 1 3/8 inch (35 mm) maximum.
Wiring may be passed out the rear of the enclosure through a grommet and strain relief, or routed through the bottom for a very clean, cordless appearance. The rear wire opening can accommodate a single cable up to 1/4 inch (6 mm) diameter such as standard CAT5. The bottom opening measures 29/32 inch (23 mm) diameter, while the swivel mount[1] can accommodate wiring up to 11/16 inch (17 mm) diameter.


  Plastic, black or white; 38° fixed angle device opening; freestanding or swivel mount installation[1]
  Height 3.25 in (83 mm);
3.38 in (86 mm) with swivel mount[1]
  Width 7.18 in (183 mm)
  Depth 4.15 in (106 mm)
  With touch screen installed:
  Height 3.79 in (97 mm);
3.92 in (100 mm) with swivel mount[1]
  Width 7.59 in (193 mm)
  Depth 4.43 in (113 mm)
  12.8 oz (363 g);
26.9 oz (763 g) with touch screen installed